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Our Offerings


Fun and Challenging

In the Junior wing children meet with the opportunities to experience the best possible start for their best learning outcome . We believe that tiny tots are tender flowers, who need to be nurtured with love and care, so that in future they bloom with the flying colours of success, fragrance of happiness and sense of satisfaction. Activity oriented teaching learning- strategies and celebration of special days and weeks will certainly help them in their all round development . Innovative teaching methodologies and usage of technology make teaching-learning process more comprehensive and interesting. Teachers give the students a wider scope to enquire, acquire and to achieve their learning targets.


An Exceptional Learning Experience

In the Middle wing, there is child centered education with an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’. The teacher is a co-learner as well as a facilitator in the vibrant classroom. Learning is initiated through numerous activities and closely monitored through peer-interaction. The teachers boost the confidence of the students, enhance their communication abilities, broaden the boundaries of thinking and knowledge. Here the children’s character is moulded. Some parameters are keenly taken care of like their physical fitness, intellectual level, emotional balance and spirituality to make them productive and conscious member of the society.


Expanding Horizons

The Senior wing lays a strong foundation for the students with a practical approach under the guidance of trained faculty. They are encouraged to pursue their talents and interest with positive motivators. Teaching methods in the classrooms are interactive and aim at generating interest and develop their urge to learn for their thriving future. Group discussions, projects, information technology, seminars, educational trips form an integral part of the education. The students are put together to become success-oriented learners by refining their skills as academic achievers, progressive thinkers, effective communicators and empowered citizens who think local but act global.

9872973732 | 9872973311 | 9872973322
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