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Meet Our Staff

Inspiring students to learn

GD Goenka Public School has an outstanding team of dedicated teachers, all of whom are determined to help students succeed. Our team members offer support and guidance, uniquely tailored to each student. Our goal is to provide an environment where teachers are valued for their outside-the-box thinking, creative ideas, and connection with their students.

S.No. Names Grade Qualification Professional
1 Mrs. SHEENA SHARMA Principal M SC BOTONY B.Ed 14years
2 Ms. Amanpreet Kaur Khaira PGT M.A , M.Phil. M.ed 11 years
3 Ms. Anu Sharma PGT B.Sc(Non-Med), M.Sc(Math) M.A (Edu),CIC, B.Ed, PGD in Environment and substantial dev., 12years 11months
4 Ms. Karandeep Walia PGT B.Com, MSC (IT), PGDCA B.Ed 12yrs 3months
5 Ms. Anupampreet Kaur PGT B.A M.A (English) B.Ed 6years 11months
6 Ms. Monika Bhaghat PGT B.Sc(Med), M.Sc Microbiology B.Ed 5years 11months
7 Ms. Mandeep Kaur Sandhu PGT Comp BCA, MCA - 8years 5 months
8 Mr. Ajit Pal Singh PGT Sports MA ( Pol. Science), M.Ped and M Phil 8 years 5 months
9 Ms. Harjot Kaur PGT Music MA( Music Vocal) , MA ( Music Instrumental - 2 years
10 Ms. Radhika Arora TGT M.A (Hindi)
CTET Office course in Comp. ,B-ed 12 years 5 months
11 Ms.Kavita Khurana TGT B.Com B.ed (SST,English) 18years 8months
12 Ms. Simran Kaur Oberoi TGT M.Sc (Maths) B.ed 6 years
13 Ms. Shelly Bhanot TGT B.A, N.T.T. B.ed 11 years 8months
14 Ms. Satinder Kaur Sadiura TGT B.Sc, M.A , M.Phil UGC, B.Ed 4years 5 months
15 Ms. Amanpreet Kaur TGT (S.St) M.Sc (Eco) B.Ed 9years 5 months
16 Ms. Simranjeet Kaur TGT Comp M.Tech (CSE)   1 year 5 months
17 Ms. Kulwinder Kaur TGT (Punjabi) MA (Punjabi) B.Ed 6 years 5 months
18 Ms. Kawalpreet Kaur TGT English B.A, M.A (Eng) B.Ed 1 year 5 months
19 Ms. Asha Rani TGT Sports B.Ped M.Ped 3years
20 Ms. Neha Jaitely TGT Dance MA ( Dance)   9 years 1 months
21 Ms. Manpreet Kaur TGT BSc(Eco) MSC ( Maths) approx 1 year
22 Ms. Deepali Gambhir PRT B.A. , M.A. B.ed, Diploma in
Educational Mgt.
17 years 5 months
23 Ms. Aarti Arora PRT B.A. B.ed 8 yrs 11mths
24 Ms. Samriti Bali PRT B.A B.ed 3years 10 months
25 Ms. Meenakshi Mahajan PRT M.A(English) B.ed, N.T.T 9 years
26 Ms. Anita Sharma PRT M.A (Triple),
His. of Art, Classical Dance, Fine Arts(Prof)
---------- 18 yrs 2 months
27 Ms. Sohan Lal PRT
B.A. ---------- 8years 5 months
28 Ms. Shailja Sharma PRT B.A, M.A (Geography) persuing B.ed 3years 5 months
29 Ms. Saloni Bemby PRT B.A, M.A(Commercial Arts) B.ed 3years 1months
30 Ms. Manjit Sandhu PRT B.Tech, M.Tech Diploma in Comp. sci 3years 04months
31 Ms. Inderveer Kaur PRT BSc( Medical), M. A(Eng) B.ed, C.TET 5years 5months
32 Ms. Parminder Kaur PRT BCA, MSc(Comp. Sci), MCA (LE) - 6years 5 months
33 Ms. Kiranjit Kaur Hanjan PRT Bsc (Economics) B.ed 3years 5 months
34 Ms. Pushpa Samant PRT B.A , M.A(Hindi) B.Ed, C.Tet 8years 5 months
35 Ms. Kaveri Behal PRT B.A, French A1 A2 - -
36 Ms. Priyanka Vashisht PRT B.Tech DLED Pursuing 4years 5 months
37 Ms. Payal Sharma PRT B.COM B.Ed 4years 10months
38 Ms. Neha Sharma-1 PRT (untrained) M.Sc ( Maths) B.Ed( pursuing) -
39 Ms. Komaldeep Kaur PRT (untrained) M.Sc (Chemistry) B.Ed (pursuing) -
40 Ms. Neha Sharma-2 PRT (UT) BMM(Multimedia) - -
41 Mr Arjun Singh PRT ( Dance) DCA - 8years 2 months
42 Ms. Madhvi Sharma Pre-Primary Teacher BA. M.Sc (IT) NTT persuing -
43 Ms. Jaspreet Kaur PRT B.A   13 years 1 month
44 Ms. Varinderjit Kaur PRT B.Sc(Eco), MSc(IT) B.Ed 3years 11months
45 Ms. Manali Mahajan PRT BBA, MBA B.Ed -

S.No. Names Grade Qualification EXPERIENCE AS PER RESUME
1 Ms. PAWANPREET KAUR Director BA ,B.Ed 1 year 2 months
2 Mr. PAWAN SHARMA Senior Accountant B A 15 Years 04months
3 Mr. IQBAL KRISHAN Transport Manager I T I 20 years 3months
4 Ms. BALBIR KUMAR Store Manager MATRIC 25 years 5 months
5 Mr. VIKAS SHARMA Manager IT B SC (IT), MCA 10years 5 months
6 Ms. NIDHI RANA HR & Office Coordinator B COM 5 years 04months
7 Ms. SHILPA MAHAJAN Accountant M COM 3 years 3months
8 Ms. JASVEER KAUR Front Office Executive BA 2 years 2 months
9 Ms. MANDIP KAUR Librarian MBA FINANCE B LIB 4 years 04months

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