Our Activities & Programs

Art and Craft

We, at GD Goenka, inculcate art and craft from the grass root level to include fun in curriculum fundamentals. We believe that the little artists have big designs in mind so we encourage them to project their emotions on their canvasses. There are numerous benefits such as enhanced focus, strengthening visual learning, improved bilateral coordination. We strongly trust that Art and Craft have inherent benefits of encouraging a child to exercise flexible thinking and explore creativity which is a perfect indication of a healthy education system.


Excursions are a fantastic way to empower children to explore confidently and ask questions to make sense of the world they see around them. Our Goenkan philosophy, considers field trips to be a vital part of mental and physical growth of a child. Enriching contact with natural world encourages the development of love for nature and children learn to become caretakers of the Earth. We have been visiting parks, museums, malls, industries in the recent years which provided many learning opportunities for our Goenkans.

Music and Dance

At GDGPS, we offer a curriculum that includes Music, Dance, Theatre and much more. These opportunities allow children to develop creative passions. They simultaneously teach language and communication skills,  helping them to communicate effectively with confidence. Practicing Music develops qualties of teamwork, self discipline and creativity. Dance awakens new perceptions in children which help them learn and think in new ways.We understand that life is all about self expression,  exploring alternative options and embracing individuality which we inculcate in children at a very tender age.


At GD Goenka, all our classrooms are equipped with smart boards, protectors, and a high speed broadband connection which facilitates easy access to plethora of information at a single click. In such hi-tech classroom environment, it becomes easy for our students to derive all the concepts with easy illustrations,  presentations and animated videos and children are able to learn and grasp easily.